Top 5 indian bloggers

We know how blogging  recreated the image of online marketting and promotion and its being larger
in every seconds.In last article we had seen the effect of blogging and tips for blogging,In this post we
will be looking for  top indian bloggers who made there position in indian blogosphere
they have been an great inspiration for each and every blogger in our nation.
So lets take a look toward the top 5 indian bloggers.

1) Name               -  Amit Agarwal
    Blog                  -
    AdsenseEarning-  $45000/month
    Page Rank        -  6

    labnol,org was being founded by Amit Agarwal,He writes about computer software
    consumer products,gadgets etc.

2) Name               -  Harsh Agarwal
    Blog                  -
    AdsenseEarning-  $17000/month
    Page Rank        -  4 is being founded by Harsh Agarwal and the blog deals 
    with the technology stufs. 

3) Name               -  Jaspal Singh
    Blog                  -
    AdsenseEarning-  $10000/month
    Page Rank        -  4

4) Name               -  Prabhu Desai
    Blog                  -
    AdsenseEarning-  $9000/month
    Page Rank        -  5

5) Name               -  RajuPP
    Blog                  -
    AdsenseEarning-  $8500/month
    Page Rank        -  4

Thanks for spending your valuable time in reading this article i wish all the bloggers
must take the above mentioned names as an inspiration and a role model for blogging

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